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Project 'Hope' For Rebuilding and Renewal of Ukraine

Over the course of our travels, we have been fortunate to meet many incredible people. One of these is Nadya Tkachenko. When we first met her, she had recently returned from Poland where she gave hope and support to people as they entered Poland. Soon after we returned from Poland, Nadya went back, only to find that people were no longer coming into Poland. In fact, many people were going back to Ukraine. After talking to others, she realized that displaced people in Ukraine were now the ones in desperate need of help, many having returned to western Ukraine where it is safer, but it is not their home community. It is estimated that there are now 10 million internally displaced people (IDP) in desperate need of housing inside Ukraine. For Nadya, this resulted in changing her actions from being ad hoc, helping where she could, to laser focused on the longer-term problems at hand. Upon returning to the US, she put created Project Nadiya; Nadiya means hope in Ukrainian.

Helen, Sandy and Bruce have donated the last of the GoFundMe money to her. But to be successful, Project Nadiya needs to raise a lot more. She has one generous donor who as offered to match up to $125,000. Hopefully you can help.

Please watch her short video, below, to learn more.

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