Finally we have arrived

It’s been a long day, arriving at 9 AM this morning after our overnight flight. We checked into our hotel, picked up a car and headed into town for sightseeing. The old town was pretty and pleasant, likely made more so by smaller crowds as people perceive Poland as a risky destination.

We met several people who had beed volunteering. The one who stands out is a doctor from Arkansas who had been volunteering in Lviv and was now heading home He told us that rockets had landed close to his hotel. i asked if he could talk about how scary it was. He said that he wasn’t scared, but his son back home in Arkansas was worried about his safety. As he was going out the door with his bag of medical stuff and clothing, he admitted tha he was probably suffering from PTSD. A hero’s fate, I suppose.

In the morning we head to our base for the week in Przemysl. We also plan to take a drive to Medyka close to the border to see what is needed and how we can help. i hope i am not overwhelmed by what we find.

Time for some sleep