And So, It Begins

Welcome to our blog; a collaboration between Helen Bakeman, Sandy Machson and Bruce Lederer. Please read our About page to learn about our mission.

In mid-April, Helen and Sandy were at a dinner party where they learned about Meredith Pearson who traveled to Poland shortly after Putin attacked Ukraine and spent 2 weeks in Poland making sure displaced Ukrainians families had food, shelter, transportation, and much needed cash. We contacted her and learned more about the huge effort being made to assist and care for families fleeing the fighting and the unending effort need to make it all happen.

We all agreed that we needed to be part of this effort. Planning started immediately. And, we knew we needed to get there as soon as possible. So in short order we bought plane tickets, arranged for an apartment, rented a car and signed up to volunteer with World Central Kitchen in Poland from May 9-17. We also started a GoFundMe page to raise money with the intention of giving it directly to people who arrive with nothing more than what they could carry.

Since we began our planning, we have made contacts with people here in the US and in Poland, so we are confident we can achieve our goals.

Check back on this site often to see what we are up to. We may also be posting our blog entries on our personal Facebook pages and the GoFundMe site.