Bruce Lederer, Sandy Machson & Helen Bakeman will be at the Polish/Ukrainian border – You Can Help.

As events unfold in Ukraine, we have found ourselves feeling helpless and often distraught. We’ve been reading blogs and hearing stories from people who have traveled to the Polish border to help the thousands of displaced Ukrainians – mostly women and children – who have crossed into Poland seeking safety. We are hearing they are hungry, exhausted, some in pain having walked for days – or weeks. They’re disoriented, grieving and scared when they cross the border at Przemysl, Poland.

With your generous help, we will provide them with all sorts of supplies, as well as much-needed funds – all this with friendly faces to ease their fear and suffering. 

Our Plan
We have made plans to join with other volunteers at the Polish border who offer help finding shelter, transportation, much needed supplies, and warm meals to help ease Ukrainians’ suffering.

How We Will Do It

We have signed up to volunteer with World Central Kitchen (wck.org ) for a week in May where we will be working on food distribution both at the WCK facility and at refugee processing centers along the border so we will be able to directly help Ukrainians coming into Poland. 

World Central Kitchen (WCK), a global organization that has a network of chefs from around the world, rushes into disaster situations, both natural and human-caused, to feed people delicious, hot meals when other food is not readily available. They fill a huge need and provide refugees with dignity and caring. 

We have learned from other volunteers that people coming over the border arrive with only the clothes on their backs, some not having eaten for a month, with no money, many with no place to go and/or no way to get there. Volunteers are buying supplies, personal products, medicines, clothing, and transporting them. One of the biggest needs is cash – they have none. Volunteers have been giving them cash to pay for temporary housing, food and transportation, and they are incredibly grateful. 

What you can do
Here’s where you come in. We will use these GoFundMe monies to do all of the above while we are in Poland. All your money will go directly to refugees and displaced families. 

We appreciate your generosity. And they will too.