2 hours from Przemysl

This morning at breakfast, we met a woman from Oklahoma who had been working in Krakow for a faith-based organization. She had been helping refugees fill out papaerwork to sign up for benefits. They stood on lines for hours. She was giving the children simple games and twirly parachutes to play with to keep them busy. She was going home today.

We’re on our way now to Przemysl. The weather is comfortable. The sky is a mix of clouds and blue. The land around us is and has been rather flat for the past 2 hours. The houses in the small towns look tidy, kind of new. There are lots of fields of yellow flowers, we think are rape seed. The villages are small and rural. We stopped to find a bathroom and found a small store and restaurant. No one spoke English except a man who spoke very little but was happy to try to help. He asked Helen if we were Ukrainian, and she said American. He was surprised, though Helen interpreted his response as positive. In the parking lot, 2 different parties tried to ask me something. I said, in hand signs that I didn’t understand. I forgot that I had Google Translate. So lost that opportunity to communicate. Oh well. Will have more.

Back on the road near Lublin, some industrial areas but mostly villages.Heading to Rzesnow (sp?). I find myself thinking bout the armies that crossed this land and displaced ordinary citizens so many time, including the horrors of the WW2

Once we arrived in Przemysl, we easily found our apartment and our host found us. Then we went to find WCK in town. Theyre in a huge warehouse where we meet for our orientation tomorrow at 8. We will be serving food this week, perhaps in different places, but likely at the border bc we have a car and can get there. After visiting WCK, we looked for Christie, an amazing woman who has a tent at the border to provide moms with young babies a clean place to feed, diaper, rest with their babies. Tomorrow we’ll meet her. She’s a likely person to receive our funds. She is planning to go into Ukraine soon and set up shop there too. Then, lastly this afternoon, we went to the border where there’s a long corridor of organizations offering various services to people coming over the border. More on that tomorrow bc there’s a good chance we’ll be assigned to WCK in their booth in that corridor.

It’s been a long day, and we’re ready to sleep… tomorrow starts our volunteer assignment. I’m so glad we got the lay of the land today so we’re ready for tomorrow.

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